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Hongwell's 2018 Catalogue

2018 Hongwell Catalogue

   Welcome to, a website where you will find useful links for anyone looking for information about Hongwell diecast models. Cararama is Hongwell's own brand, and over the years they have produced many different vehicles in various scales.  


   Using the links on the left you can navigate through this website to find links Hongwell's official Website.

    Also there are links to various Clubs and Groups, which are involved in collecting Hongwell models, or have a section devoted to Hongwell models.

   There are also links to various Collections where you will find pictures and information about Hongwell models.                

    Finally I have included a page of information about retailers.


   If you have any comments or corrections, or if you can offer additional website informaton and/or links, you can get in touch with me via the 'Contact Me' page.



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